U-ONLINE: Login Help


Logging in to U-Online For First Time Users

Follow these steps to log in to U-Online for the first time. You will only have to go through these steps one time.

1) Go to the U-Online home page (http://uonline.une.edu).

2) If you do not know your Nor’easter login name, click on the link titled “Lookup Your Nor’easter Login” near the middle of the page

3) On the Nor’easter Login lookup page, you need to provide your date of birth and last name and two of three optional questions.

4) Click on the “Submit” button to open page saying, “Here is your UNE Identification Information.”

5) Write down your UNE PRN and your Nor’easter Login ID.

6) On the U-Online home page, click on the link titled “Login Here” near the middle of the page to open page saying “User Login”.

7) Enter your Nor’easter Login ID in the block titled “Noreaster ID (myUNE ID).”

8) Enter the password in the block titled “Password”.

9) Click on the “Login” button.

10) If you have successfully logged in to U-Online, you should see a greeting that says “Welcome [your name] to the University of New England Online Information Service!”

12) For further help, please contact the UNE Help Desk at extension 2200 or 4400. Business hours are listed on U-Online login page.


Your Nor'easter Login and Password combination is the same for both your U-Online and myUNE accounts. Lookup my NOR'EASTER LOGIN.

To protect your privacy, the NOR'EASTER LOGIN is masked with stars so that as you enter the information, it is hidden from view. Your PASSWORD is initially set to your last six digits of your UNE PRN (Personal Reference Number) Find PRN. The PASSWORD field is also masked so that as you enter your PASSWORD, it is hidden from view.

Forgot Password

To set up your account for self-service password changes after a forgotten password, you first need to enter your Nor'easter Login and password. On the same screen, you will be required to answer exactly three questions from a larger list. Setup Self Service Password

To later reset a forgotten password, you will be presented with your three questions which you must answer exactly as you had done during setup. You may return to the setup at any time to select new questions which will replace any you had previously selected. Reset Password

Access to U-ONLINE

This service is available 7 days a week. You may use this service from any PC or Mac that has access to the Internet. Links to the login page are located on the UNE homepage (www.une.edu) and on the Login page of myUNE.

Hints for Selecting a Good Password

A good PASSWORD is easily remembered but hard to guess. Do not choose a PASSWORD that has any personal reference to yourself (for example, your graduation date or birth date). You might choose a date that has some special meaning and reverse it (010317), the concatenated ages of your family members (403563), or even a random number created by a pattern of letters and digits (3WB3K9). Remember, you always have the option of changing your Password should you forget it or find that it has been compromised.

For additional assistance with your NOR'EASTER LOGIN and PASSWORD, students and faculty/advisors may contact Registration Services at X4200 or X2473. All other employees may contact Human Resources at x2339 or x4256. Anyone may contact ITS Help Desk during normal business hours for password resets or other help.

Setting Up Your Security Question and Answer

If you should forget your PASSWORD when logging in to the system, the Password Self Help enables you to reset your PASSWORD by yourself without calling for assistance. It is important to always remember all your Security Answers to reset your PASSWORD.

Terms of Usage Page

Upon your initial visit to U-ONLINE, you will be presented with Emergency Contact information page to enter for on campus emergency situations.